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Anyone setting history to more than 120 days?

Started by mitchrapp, December 07, 2022, 06:08:52 PM


So I have been using 120 days for history. Usually, history isn't that big of a deal to me, because I save my playlist history to excel and have running totals of how many times played that year and how many times played in the last 60 days.

This works fine for set prep and choosing 30-32 songs to play for a set, however, it doesn't work for On-the-fly choosing songs, because I do not keep excel open during a set.  Thus I am thinking about adding Play count to the search.

As I said before, I do Live 2-hour broadcasts in a metaverse and the listeners are mostly regulars. So it's important to not overplay the same tracks unless they are a new hit.

Does play count depend on History days?  and resets after the set number of days?
Or, the count is maintained for the entire year or until the reset count is hit?
Is there any additional lag due to increasing history  number of set days?

Also I have future plans of curated broadcasts (not live) for subscribers much like your regular 24/7 streaming stations using the automation capabilities of RDJ..  Thus the play count will be important for that.

RadioDJ 2017, Multiple Live On Air Personality gigs each week.


I have my history set to 365 days and I haven't had any problems with that.

I don't think play count depends on it, but someone else should be able to confirm. I would hope that it doesn't depend on it.

You could make some SQL queries to run against your history table to help you find what you need whenever you need it. I have a most-played songs query if it's something you're interested in.


Look at the played count from one of your excel files from more than 120 days ago, then look at that same tracks played count now and you'll be able to see if it gets reset or if it is cumulative


We never delete the history so we have it all.