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My multi stations database and folders system (written directly in sql file)

Started by PresidentOfACPJ, December 15, 2022, 06:18:46 PM


Before you mention it, i still dont know if its possible to mescle all database files into only one and make a if else, even because its not a php file, its a sql file, but, if anyone have ideas, show us.

My multi stations database and folders system (writtendirectly in sql file)

Look to my current system of subcategories and genres (sub-subcategories based in their genres but with theirs decades)

Everything edited directly in database sql file, so i am able to edit in a perfect order so subcategory as genre (subcat genre with decade).

I use inside Category, Subcategory and genres like shown because ...

It become easier to schedule and make rotations by a specific decade, or for a specific genre, or both, better than original format it comes when we download it.

So, i got a subcat (main genre with decade), under the subcategory and its perfect to finde and schedule it.

I got this notion since the first time i downloaded radiodj.

But now this is my current database subcategories and genres system.

This shown above is from my ZTOP station, that plays only top-40 pop, ztop is a CHR webradio;
I also did 03 other differents for radio rock fm, studio flashback, and br - the classic rock.
I use the same name seen in radio dj subcategories and genres, at its real folders in computer, to make things easier to find, to keep it clean, each station in its folder, inside each station foder, its subcategories and its genres the way you see, with numbers to positioning it. I use shortcupt to other station folders to avoid having duplicate songs, is i can use the same songs from a folder in more than one station.

In that radio's database i just have renamed a folder,the only thing that is different in its folders name is the name, look, the number in the end refers to the original shortcuts number in its original station (Where RR is Radio Rock fm, BR is BR the Classic Rock, SF is Studio Flashback and ZT is ZTOP)

All the folder in image below are folder, theres no shortcut, the sortcut is inside, for genres, nos for mainsubcategories.

And native folders that was created for this station, even being used (with a shortcut) by another station.

RadioDJ screen:

This is my schemme. What did ou think about it?

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BR The Classic Rock:
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