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Broadcast Advertising

Started by Jotaeme, April 12, 2023, 01:25:07 PM


Hello friends.
A query.
Does this dj radio have any plugin or application where you can manage the advertising blocks, or only include it as an event?

Music Box

Hi. No, unfortunately RadioDJ has no plugin or application in which you can manage advertising blocks, but if you want you can build playlists containing spots' jingles, news, etc., etc.....) to be played at the time you want.


I once got this working with AdsScheduler from Radioboss. 
Creates whole lists for the commercials in blocks, by day and hour.
Also intro and outro jingles of the blocks are automatically included.
Everything is placed neatly in an overview.
The only problem is that the output (m3u) is different from RadioDJ.
di_22-40.m3u (Tuesday 22h40) which should be changed to 2023-04-12-22c (if there are 3 blocks)
I haven't quite figured out how to generate that automatically.
Then just create an event.
Commercials have to be imported into RadioDJ

example content *.m3u

D:\RadioDJ\Comercials\Balotti Sanitair en tegels.wav
D:\RadioDJ\Comercials\Mercedes Benz Vans.wav
D:\RadioDJ\Comercials\Coca cola recycled.wav
D:\RadioDJ\Comercials\Dreft – Platinum Plus.wav

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