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Adding "DTMF Checker" to RDJ

Started by zhanafm, July 24, 2023, 11:27:30 PM


Hello Marius! We have been using your creation "RadioDJ" on the radio station for a year now. For 6 months we have been using two automation programs on the main broadcast: "Radio DJ" and "Radio Player Pro" (for DTMF tag recognition). We ask you to add the DTMF tag recognition function to the program as soon as possible, or adapt some plugin, because it is not convenient for us to work on two programs, we want everything to be in one "Radio DJ". We broadcast in 11 cities of the country, we want to make a tie-in of advertising in the regions on the same software as in the main studio.


Hello Guys, some time ago I commented in another Post about this matter...

They could use the rest server plugin and create an application that is responsible for decoding the tones, they can also use cheap hardware that they sell on Aliexpress.

If you have more questions we can continue the conversation.
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