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USB Mic crashes VoiceTracking

Started by chrismadog, August 07, 2023, 06:47:27 AM


I've come across two problems lately and here is one of them.

I was given a quite nice, brand new USB microphone recently and it sounds very nice.
I tried to use it by experimenting with voice-tracking for the future when I wouldn't be at the studio (going to see Paul McCartney on tour).

I selected it as the input device and a second or so later, it crashed RadioDJ. All gone, no exception error, no log entry in the Microsoft Event Log. Totally cleared.
I tried again and as soon as I clicked the red dot to record, it crashed.

I unplugged that USB mic and plugged in another different brand one that I had in a drawer (I've not been a big fan of USB mics because of latency), and the same thing happened.

Disconnect the USB, go back in and I could then select the soundcard mic, and all was good in that it didn't crash and functionality was restored.

Is the inability to use a USB mic a bug, or a deliberate (a feature LOL), or is there a work-around, or is it never going to work  ?

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Ideally you should route the microphone through  software such as Voicemeeter, the input button on radiodj never was intended as a mic input


When it comes to USB mics and mixers, Windows 10+ has a tendency to remove it from the system if it ever loses connection or if the device is turned off at any point.

This means that the software using it thinks it's no longer available too and therefore crashes or choses whatever is available.

The Voicemeeter suggestion is the best option because Voicemeeter is always available on the system.

Of course you will then have the same problem with VM but at least RadioDJ will not lock up and you can just use the VM Restart Audio Engine option and be back up and running.

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