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Midi Command app and Android devices

Started by CliveW, August 09, 2023, 07:37:13 PM


Hi All, does anyone have experience with the Midi Command app for android ?

The scenario is that I want to connect up a tablet to a Behringer XR18 and use a tablet to send mute/unmute commands to it for the studio mic's, I am using a USB to midi cable which transmits midi data from the Midi Command app to the XR18 which can use midi to control certain aspects of its functionality. It works when that app is installed on my Samsung S10 but not on the Samsung  Tab 2 tablet. (maybe the tablet is too old)

The problem is that the phone is a small screen and a 9.7 inch tablet would work better due to the larger screen and less chance of muting/unmuting the wrong line in/out, also a further need using an app is that as I am going to run the station through the XR18 but I would not have the serial outputs to activate a ON AIR light or MIC LIVE light, the display on a tablet would give an "at a glance" indication as to the MIC STATUS and thus avoid unwanted cross talk.  Does anyone have any experience setting things up this way ?

The kit I have is all I have and I do not have the cash to buy a dedicated "Broadcast Mixer" therefore I need to make this work, The Behringer XR18 is absolutely more than capable of running an online station and in many respects is massive overkill but its what I have to use. Another reason also is that the X Air software screen is so packed with features that the mutes are tiny little boxes that could be selected/deselected by accident.

Does anyone else on these forums use a XR18 or any other digital mixer for their station ? your input would be most welcome.

If anyone could give me some guidance to resolve the scenario I would be eternally grateful. Cheers.

Thanks it advance.


A few days ago I also encountered this situation but so far I have not found a solution. Hope someone can answer it for us.