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Midi Commander Vs Akai LPD8

Started by CliveW, August 15, 2023, 11:17:01 PM


Hi All,

I have tried Midi Commander for Android and it locks up constantly, I'm using the pads to Mute/UnMute 2 Mic's and studio monitors on the Behringer XR18.

The app works just barely but keeps locking up and I cant work with that, Tried it on a Samsung S10 and a Samsung A6 tablet, both exhibit the same lockups.

What i'm looking for is something to do the job of sending midi CC commands to the XR18 that will mute the studio monitors at the same time the mics go Live and Unmute them when the Mic's are muted. Midi Commander does a great job of that BUT!!! :bash:  it just keeps locking up. :bash:

Sent a message to the developers but it seems i'm not the only one with this issue.

Sooooooooo.... does anyone have experience with something like the AKAI LPD8 ? basically I am asking if I can program specific midi commands into the pads, they are velocity sensitive pads but i'm hoping to turn that fuction off so they act like an On/Off switch. I am also interested if they show different colour indicators when in different modes, for example show a RED led when on and Green when off.

The user manual does not say much about these points.

The rotary controls are not of much use initially but I could get some use out of them for other commands I suppose, but its the pad type arrangment i'm interested in and the programability of the pads. I have seen a few controllers with just pads but they tend to have 50 or 60 pads and those pads are too small for my liking...

Anyone ????