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It's been a minute...

Started by SteveHS, September 27, 2023, 10:49:06 PM


Hello Guys and Gals...
It's been some time since I've been on, well, I've been popping on now and again but not had the time to make a post.
I hope everyone is doing well and still up with you're music stations :D
As some may remember I had to take time away due to starting a new business but as promised I have left my other sites online and will continue to do so as I see they are being used and a benefit to many people, the port checker and php tutorials I see have been a help to many which I am proud of as It's always good to point people in the right direction.

To give an update on my progress should you be interested I have 4 vehicles now and business is growing employing two staff.


I am still about and do periodically pop on when I can though as mentioned I don't have much time to post.
Just wanted to say Hi though and I do hope that you're all well  :)
Steve (aka EmmaS)


What a brilliant uplifting piece of news.. Well Done and I hope you reach all your goals and dreams.

All the best for the future.