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stop an event or playlist at the exact time?

Started by djkeros, October 20, 2023, 05:23:40 PM


Hi there.

I trying to figure out how to stop an event at 9am.

Right now the "9am Event" will cut the current song in the middle or just play current song until the end, making the "9am Event" to start 9am+ minutes...

Is there any way,to have the previouly Event (base on a rotation), to adjust the "songs times" to play exact until 9am.

Tamarindo Radio
Costa Rica Rock Radio Station


I am not aware of a way you can do this. If you use the "Start Playing" command in an event it will play at the designated time but will cut the current output with a quick fade. The other option, as you indicate, is to have the event start slightly before or after the 9:00 am start. If possible or desirable you could have a playlist scheduled before the 9am Event rather than a rotation and the playlist would be timed to ensure it finished at 9am.

Maybe others will have different solutions.


I tried different ways, and no solution. I wish the "Events" or "Rotations" to have an argument to select the right tracks with the right timming.

For now, gonna keep doing it as always.

Tamarindo Radio
Costa Rica Rock Radio Station



Make a 9AM event that's CLear Playlist, and then repopulate it however you want and the currently playing thing will play out to it's end.

As long as you aren't playing long remixes or single file album recordings, what's the big deal if the item loaded by event @ 9AM doesn't start til 9:03AM?

Why does it matter when it can always continue without ever cutting off a song or paid ad?

I load Station IDs @ HH:57, and it can play +/- 3 minutes from the top of the hour, well within the +/- 5 minutes the FCC wants.  Not anal about starting hours on exact seconds or minutes... It's not like it will cause any future events to fail.

If you have a reason other than for some personal satisfaction, please let us know why it's so critical.  My station here only hard cuts to and from a live show we simulcast, and it's impossible to anticipate when they will send break relay closures and return from break relay closures... Our local events do "insert ads at the top" 3 minutes before each quarter hour, then nothing is ever cut off, and everything plays fully.

If you change formats during the day you can do a "clear playlist" and "load rotation" event to make the switch perfectly at the end of whatever happens to be playing.

Unless you are doing ad breaks closer than 8 minutes apart you won't miss any ads playing.

This will make your station sound better than most.

Additionally we set type "commercial" "promo" and "ID" to not crossfade, but everything else does, so there's never dead air.

Good luck. 


I agree with KXOL.
set your top hour event time to :58 or :58:30.
Last song in rotation plays, your id kicks in, 'clear playlist', 'load rotation' and you're into a new hour.
No one cares if it's at :59 or :01 - no one.