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Ecxellent use of RadioDJ

Started by hypadj33, October 29, 2023, 07:36:05 PM


So a few weeks ago I was in my local mini market which has just changed ownership, any way I was Joking with the lad in the shop saying is this the only track you've got and he was saying everything is in the back and dont have time to change it (its a cd player plugged into an amp, which serves the shops old tannoy system) any way I was saying he could do with some kind of automated system or rewiring so he could plug the cd player in near the tills any way we got talking about RadioDJ and he's asked me to go and look and install some sort of music/tanoy system but it doesn't end there I explained about midi controllers and that I had a spare launchpad and it would be perfect as he wants a few announcements and music so we'll load the announcements on to carts for the messages, he wants periodical messages to play through the day but that's not even the best bit I spoke to him this morning and he said he bought another launchpad as he wanted to look inside, so he's got all excited and asked me to go down so ive gone and he put the launchpad under the mat as you walk in the door absolute genius!!, we haven't tested it yet but his ideas are crazy so now he said when any one comes to the shop it will greet them and later on when they walk in it will fire anoouncements saying what time they close.

That is the power and versatility of RadioDJ love using this software, I am always learning, through using RadioDJ.


And it's free, to boot. I've sadly paid money for software that wasn't half as good or well supported as RadioDJ.


Quote from: JackRabbit on October 30, 2023, 11:14:51 PMAnd it's free, to boot. I've sadly paid money for software that wasn't half as good or well supported as RadioDJ.

Most of us have been there.
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Another Great Story on RadioDJ. :cool:

Thanks for sharing.
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and with facial recognition camera, he can play the favorite song of the customer as they come in the door  :D