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Random shut downs at the top of the hour

Started by mysteriesman, November 05, 2023, 09:53:12 AM


HI , recently updated all my systems to and at the top of the hour we play a news in jingle then stop the playlist and open the input to take news from satelite then after 2 minutes play a news out jingle and resume playlist, but since we have upgraded the radio dj starts the news in then randomly shuts down, its seems very random which hour it does it but the whole system goes off, we have put a brand new clean pc with the system in and this has never happened in the 6 years ive been using RDJ
I have tried removing all the playlist commands and resetting them in case it was an issue with the database upgrades, but nope still does it,
any ideas please


Do the windows error logs show anything around the time this happens?
AMD A8-9600
Windows 10/11
RadioDJ 2045
MariaDB 11.2


No errors are showing in windows, i have another station running the exact same programs and with its own database and its fine, ive changed the machine and the DB host and its still doing it


What about the RadioDJ logs? Also have your tried a "Repair Database" and/or "Optimize Database"?


Make sure there's a valid music rotation after any 'clear playlist' command. You might just check or rebuild the rotation. AND keep it in AUTODJ and AUTOMATED modes.