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Live Remote Broadcasts with RadioDJ?? Heck, Yeah!

Started by JMac, November 20, 2023, 03:05:43 AM


Some of my best...or 'Oh, SO wrong!'...memories of my radio career are tied to Live Remote Broadcasts. Live remotes are a great way to support the community and enhance your station's brand.

BUT, what if you're a solo-broadcaster? You wear all the radio hats. No engineer. No board ops. Just YOU. How do you pull off a live remote broadcast...all by yourself...using RadioDJ?

Coming up! Three ways to go live or, at least, sound like you're live from an event near you...or 1000 miles away. I'll show you how to set-up RadioDJ to almost -automatically- run these remote breaks.

Method 1: Mobile Broadcast Set-Up (least fav)
Method 2: Use Skype for Live Breaks
Method 3: Live-to-Tape / Pre-recorded Breaks (fav!)

A county fair is definitely in your station's future! :)
Check out the how-to: https://youtu.be/QQStCnu_b7s?si=rTdLmdANbk9W1zs-
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