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Track rotation explained?

Started by clayno, November 22, 2023, 07:07:25 PM


Can some one who knows explain to me how the Track Rotation timing rules works? I suspect I am not understanding the relationship of the timings between the different categories if they are set to override the the global timings. I have looked around and do not see an explanation of the different timer rules relationships. Does the timings only work with that specific category being edited or is it in relation to the other timings in other categories/global? I bring this up because I am trying to decide if I need to set the timings the same for some rules as the global except for maybe "Don't repeat track"/"Don't repeat title." I run an oldies format so there are no currents so the artist are set to run no more than every 60 minutes.



The timers default back to the values specified in the AutoDJ settings in the RadioDJ options, unless they are overridden in the track rotation item. I don't believe there's any timers associated with categories, though you could probably do something like that with some fancy SQL queries instead of using the categories directly for rotations.

 -- Patrick


I guess the point I am making is if an artist is in multiple categories, is the song selected based on the category it is in or is it compared to other categories the artist is in based on the order of selection? Such as, a song by artist 1 is in category A that has a "Don't repeat artist" 60 min global and the artist is also in category B with a different "Don't repeat artist" of 180 min. Does each category use it's own timing for that artist, so if the artist played 60 min ago from  Category A and thus is eligible to play again, but category B will not schedule the artist because the artist played before  the Category B timer expired of 180 min?

I believe the answer is Category B will not schedule due to Category A's timer scheduling sooner? Is this correct?


To me, the answer lies in the database. RDJ pulls values from these variables for rotation rules:
1. Date Played
2. Artist Played
3. Album Played
4. Title Played

That's it. I don't see options for other considerations, ie Categories & SubCats. If an artist is played at 3:21p and you have a 60 min rotation rule, it's not going to play again until after 4:21p...regardless of Cat or SubCat. It's a global rule. BUT, that's just my interpretation.
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