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Started by B106-9, November 24, 2023, 04:03:45 AM


Somehow, my updated version of RadioDJ is not playing files anywhere (Aux, Queue Window (Playlist), Instant Players). All of the Sound card numbers are dashes. Audio files cannot be dragged anywhere to be played.

RadioDj upgraded to Went through setup of MySQL (updating the backup I had). I then imported tracks, which will not go into the Queue Window. The numbers, which used to be virtual cards on my audio card are all "-" (dashes). Nothing plays at all. No FLAC, no WAV and not even a test of MP3. The Sound Mixer shows RadioDJ, under my normal sound card. Please see the pictures. Also will not allow to edit Cue or Track. Cannot drop or drag audio files anywhere, much-less "insert into playlist," as stated above.

I checked to see if there were not 2 "EXE" files for the program... and there are not. Just 1. The other EXE's I was not looking for for other parts of the program, but appears to only be 1 each.

Also checked the firewall.... Program was not excluded, so it should be playing, as it is allowed in Windows 10.

On Windows 10.
Used Vers prior.
No hardware changes.
All drivers up to date.
No Antivirus flags.
No Firewall flags.

Any ideas of what is going on??


Your audio card(s) is(are) not being detected correctly.

try this and report back

restart computer too if you have not done so already.