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Fatal Crash when news input starts

Started by mysteriesman, November 26, 2023, 12:28:44 PM


I am running 2.4.3 with maria db 10.5, I get random shut downs of radio dj, but it only happens when the news cuts in, i run a playlist to load a news intro, then play and disable auto dj, enable assited, the next event opens the live input from satellite for 2 mins, the next event closes the input, loads a news out track, plays it and the re enables auto dj and automatic,

it has worked for years without fail, then recently since the upgrade it randomly crashes on the news, i have tried a new machine, brand new database from scratch, several reinstalls, windows reports a kernel error which shuts down the radio dj, it is completely random, the system will work for days without failure then crash 2 or three hours in a row, sometimes on news in and others on news out or even both,
any ideas please its driving me and the presenters nuts


This maybe more a Windows issue rather than RadioDJ. Have you checked with any Microsoft Windows Forums? From what I have seen it may have something to do with "outdated or corrupted drivers, corrupted registry files, viruses, or faulty Windows updates."

Others may have ideas for you.