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webradio in 2023 - RadioDJ+IceCast2 ?

Started by marclr17, December 05, 2023, 12:24:12 PM



In your opinion, the better way to play a music webradio in 2023, with only playlist, no direct talking, no live :

RadioDJ for playlist, and IceCast2 for internet stream, an encoder wetween them ?

Thank you for your response, have a nice day,

Marc - France


if no talking, why bother?
if  people want that, they can just play their own files.


it's not my choice, it's the client choice, this is not my own radio

could you please tell me if it is still the good choice in 2023 :

RadioDJ => Butt or MB Recaster => IceCast2

yhank you


Can't see any reason it shouldn't work

MB recaster is an okay encoder 


thank you Dave  :ok:

i will go for a hosted server in a datacenter with only the OS (windows) installed, and build an entire solution with :
RadioDJ => VB AVB (because no soundcard in servers) => MB Recaster => IceCast2

hopes it will work
not sure for now between VPS/Cloud/dedicated server...  ::)


VPS windows are soooooooooo expensive !!!  ???


If you're only playing audio files, use AzureRadio on Linux


Quote from: stevewa on December 07, 2023, 08:29:38 PMIf you're only playing audio files, use AzureRadio on Linux

did you mean AzuraCast ?
thank you,
Marc - France