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Possible Hack??

Started by RadioDJ2022, December 07, 2023, 03:02:51 PM


I've received notice on my credit file that a few passwords of mine have been hacked one of them I used here

Obviously I've changed said password but It may be a good idea if everyone checks if their passwords have been exposed to the dark web


If you ever used Last Pass as a password manager, drop everything you're doing and immediately change your master password and migrate over to another company, due to previous security breaches of Last Pass.  Then, after doing so, it's wise to change all your passwords.

Google has good security tools to review your concerns (in your Google account, Security area, if signed up with the big "G").


I use Firefox and Google to remember my passwords never used Last Pass

I'm curious as to how they managed to crack a password I thought was complicated

my brain hurts from having to think up new passwords on the fly