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Hello from Canada

Started by Langdon, January 08, 2024, 06:01:02 AM


Hello and thanks for reading this post, I have a question and I hope it can be answered. I have an internet radio station that runs from my laptop to icecast and then to my website. I am using Sam broadcasting pro as my software and currently voicemeeter as the interface. My music is from my external hard drive and I used to be able to go live and do shows talking about mental health and playing music however recently I am unable to go live. I am almost sure it is the Sam broadcasting pro software that is the issue so, I was given this software site from a friend.
I was wondering if this software allows streaming music with the option of doing a live do show? Sam broadcasting has its own encoder as you know and since I cannot get the stream working I have had to use Winamp with butt encoder to keep the stream going but, I would like a solution so I can still do my live show without any real issues.
Thanks again and any help or advise would be greatly appreciated...Langdon


For RadioDJ v2 onwards, you need to use stand alone streaming software. There are many free ones available, several are mentioned throughout these forums if you do a search on here. We and many other stations have no problems streaming live with RadioDJ and a streaming software so you should be able to.

Music Box

Hi, you can try these free encoders for streaming:

Mb recast


If caster

I hope it helps you.  ;)


Thanks I will check those out, I already use butt encoder just for the stream when voicemeeter doesn't seem to do the job intended


With SE caster you can add winamp plugins like stereo tool or soundsolutions. That allows you to have dsp tools on your stream cause the soundprocessor on radiodj has no dynamic limiter/compressor.

I also stream from canada, btw...

greetz Frank

ps. If you cannot find the programs, pm me then i will send them to you....
radiodj streaming through SE caster with stereo tool, streaming to my provider in canada, from there streaming to the world.


I would recommend taking a peek at Rocket Broadcaster

They also offer RSAS (Rocket Streaming Audio Server) which is a drop-in replacement for IceCast with lots of great features!


I ended up getting the radio do version with se caster and voicemeeter, it is running fine and I have 9800 songs downloaded right now and hope to add more soon. I also hope to do a live radio show in the next week or so, any advise, tips tricks that you would like to share. I have the mic ready to go as well and pretty excited about my first show so any knowledge that you experienced people might have would be greatly appreciated