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RadioDJ v2.0.4.5 Released!

Started by Marius, January 25, 2024, 05:57:19 PM


Upgraded from 2038 to 2045 and more than 24hrs works like a charm!
Thank you Marius  :)


As I wrote before, I upgraded from Beta to v. changing MariaDb on a Nas from MariaDB 5 v. to MariaDB 10 v. It's been a bit complicated but in the end we succeded. It's working like a charm, thanks Marius  :ok: 
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Upgraded from 2043 to 2045, has been working fine for a week.
Thank you Marius  :ok:


Over 3 months now of working with this release, and seeing a few little Niggles on's Release page here it's still doing the task at hand very nicely.

@Marius RadioDJ is an astounding leap from the Betas since the 1.60 days so many years ago.  :hihi:

Thanks for the incredible journey thus far.

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Its been doing everything I've asked of it on my Windows 11 laptop over the last couple of months

I've left it to its own devices and it's worked brilliantly

I was just playing with 1.60 on a Virtual machine yesterday and I agree 2045 is a lot more Powerful and I remember 1.60 being released (Jan 2011 I think)
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Install MariaDB https://djgarybaldy.blogspot.com/2020/08/installing-maria-db.html

Install RadioDJ: https://djgarybaldy.blogspot.com/2020/08/how-to-install-radiodj-free-radio.html

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