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Started by Dj TuXxL, February 15, 2024, 03:27:09 PM

Dj TuXxL


Quick introduction: I am the admin of the website www.universdj.com. I have set up web radios using empirical tools on Linux as well as with Sam Broadcaster.

I create mix shows for a few FM stations. I wanted to present my musical universe through a personal radio without mixed music. I decided to create a web radio called "Mix & More," which broadcasts tracks from the Top 40 Traxsource / Beatport, funk, soul, lounge, and soulful / afro / classic house genres.

It's a modest project "for the pleasure of it."

While researching various automation software, I came across excellent tutorials from the YouTube channel "Créer sa radio" https://www.youtube.com/@creersaradio and discovered Radio DJ.

I have a test instance of Radio DJ. The software performs well and consumes minimal resources.

I'm in learning mode, trying to read as much documentation and forum posts as possible.

I still struggle a bit with managing titles and playlists. The Track Manager and Playlist Builder modules don't seem consistent.

For example, if I program an M3U playlist (with titles not yet in the database), the tags are not correctly retrieved (such as the genre). However, if I import the directory beforehand using the Track Manager, the genre tag is imported correctly by checking "auto." But afterward, it's not possible to automatically retrieve the genre, even when updating tags via the options. The genre and comments are not suggested.

I would have liked the playlist manager to allow us to click on a title and modify the tags for the tracks and handle tags in bulk, similar to what we can do in the title management section.

Aside from these few issues, I appreciate the soft sound processing. It's very versatile.

I use VBCable in addition to Radio DJ to capture the audio from Radio DJ and deliver it to Butt, which encodes and sends the stream to Hearthis.at servers.

The radio is accessible here: https://hearthis.at/dj-tuxxl/live/

Looking forward to hearing from you...

PS : Sorry for my English, this is a chatgpt translation...


Welcome to the Radio DJ community, Dj TuXxL.  It's nice to have someone with your experience.
Regarding making playlists with titles not in the DB, I haven't tried that. My hobby is doing live 2 hour sets 5x a week in a radio show format on the internet for an online thing I'm part of.  So I can only go from how I arrange a playlist, and because I do live, there are also voiceovers and mic notes for promos or song introductions. Since mine is a 2 hour show, I prep about 2-3 hours prior. I have the main playlist area free, so I use it to build a playlist. In addition, I have my screen arranged in a zone dedicated to Notepad for set or playlist notes, which I create and add as I add a song. If the song isn't in the DB, I have to find a new song or have it and haven't checked the tags. I put a placeholder in the playlist, it's colored red, so I am not slowed down with the process of adding a particular song not in the DB, I can stay focused on the music presentation and tune/mix selection.  I know what those songs I need to add later are, I now download or get them off my NAS from RIPs I did 10–30 years ago. They all go into a temp folder, and I then use MP3tag to work on the artist - title and tags. Usually a set gets 3-6 new songs not in the RDJ DB, I bulk import the new songs via folder import.  Since I don't have to deal with rotations and all the things necessary for 24/7 on air play, my methods might not work for you. 

However, that will change this year, I want to start another project that is on 24/7, so I will be faced with learning new methods and using the playlist builder and other RDJ tools.

Note, I also own Sam Broadcaster Pro, After years of RDJ, I was only frustrated trying to do what I do with SAM.  Mainly, stuff that is simple to do in RDJ was a real chore or not possible with SAM, plus it's ugly and looks like it's from the 90s.  I did 2 sets and switched back. SAM has a lot of good features, nearly every DJ/host presenter I know uses SAM, but RDJ so far has been easy and fun with literally no problems.

Good Luck and many fun hours with your project.
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