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2 different radio flux on the same Icecast server

Started by marclr17, March 20, 2024, 09:19:02 AM



is it possible to run 2 different radio flux on the same Icecast server ?
or do i need 2 different icecast server ?

thank you,



thank you stevewa ! :cool: 
but multiple mounts with different musics, or with the same one ?
i mean : is it possible to have 2 different music stream on one icecast server ?

thank you very much


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if you used that thing called Google, you would have found, on the Icecast FAQ wwebpage:

QuoteWhat is a mountpoint?
A mountpoint is the path a resource such as a stream, or a static, or a generated file is is associated with. The mountpoint is used when accessing the the resource. Each mountpoint is associated with exactly one resource.

Icecast allows virtually any number of sources to mount different mountpoints at the same time. This permits streaming a number of different streams or channels with different content.


great !
thank you  :cool:

i always thought that mountpoint was a feature for charge balancing - i mean : 1 music flux to x mountpoint to spread one flux on different parts of the server, to avoid charge problemns for the mountpoint

i have not understand it can be used for different music radio flux... sorry...
have learned something today, again