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Fix lag in events in rotations

Started by Mahoney, March 29, 2024, 11:16:23 PM


Please fix it so that events starts at the "Next Start" marker on a track in stead of letting the track play all the way out before starting. This is a bug that really needs to be fixed.


If I understand your comment, you can have what you want if you use the "Start Playing" command within the Event Actions. This will stop the audio output currently playing with a 2 second fade and start the new event.

From a presentation point of view, this may not sound too great for the listener, but this is the programmer's call. If you want an event to start at, say, 11:00, load the Event to start playing at 10:59:58 and the Event should start playing at 11:00.

Try a test run and see if this is what you want. I apologize if I have misunderstood your comment.


I'm already doin that (sort of) with my Top of the hour jingle. where I use a event first clears the currect playlist, then stops the track playing (which fades out in 2 seconds, then RDJ wait's for one second before it fires of a TOTH jingle (this blends the fade of the previous track with the start of the TOTH jingle, it sounds ok!) after that it loads the rotation for the next hour, populates the playlist and starts the music after the TOTH jingle.

What I talk about is when you use manual events in a rotation or playlist, where the you want the event to play after a song. At the next marker. But as it is now, the event first plays when the song is completely done.. eg. faded out. This sounds, not very good. :-(

RadioDJ Dude Jeff has a solution to it on youtube. But it would be better if manual events actually worked as I guess was the intent.

Link to Jeff's hack...: