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"Index was out of range" message

Started by colincruz, April 23, 2024, 12:04:21 AM


Yesterday on our new encoding server, we downloaded Radio DJ 2.4.05 for each of our four radio stations.  All we have done so far with Radio DJ on the new server is get it set up with the parameters we use with in our backup on air computer...we have done that, plus load all of the songs, imaging, promos, and spots. And we loaded today's schedules and are letting them play through, waiting for the most opportune moment to switch over our encoding to the main on air server.

But we received an error I have never seen before.  It says:  Index was out of range.  Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.  Parameter name: index.

What is that all about?


Sometimes this can be resolved with a "Database Repair" procedure. Or it may be a clash with MySQL Are you using MariaDB or MySQL? Also the version of these software. I have Windows 11 and with MariaDB 10.11.5

Here is another link with a possible solution for you...



one of your select queries or rotations is returning an empty data set, then radiodj tries to pick an item from that empty data set. then the index out of range happens.


We are using Maria DB.   I think what you are saying, Steve...matches up with this reality...we have some vignettes/short programs that are scheduled in our music scheduling software...and some of those vignettes are not yet present in our new automation system.  Is that why this message would be coming up?


Well, this does not appear to hinder Radio DJ from functioning.  Right?  All 4 of our stations display this error message in Radio DJ and all 4 Radio DJ's are running on the new server.  We have not yet switched the encoding from the backup on air computer to the new on air server yet as I wanted to iron out any kinks first.


Quotesome of those vignettes are not yet present in our new automation system.

well, it's hard to say...
 are the vigs in a playlist or rotation in RadioDJ, but the audio file is not on the disk?
in that case, RadioDJ usually recognizes that the file is missing and skips to the next item in the queuelist.

the index out of range error has more to do with trying to generate the queuelist from a rotation, playlist, or event trigger, then trying to choose an item which does not exist in the dataset from the query. which could be a bug bcuz there should be a test case to make sure the item exists before picking it.

can you describe when this index error occurs?
ie are you only seeing this in Windows Event Viewer?
in previous events, does it show RadioDJ loading a specific rotation?
then in that rotation, examine each row which is getting called, trying to narrow down which row might be causing it.

and 4 instances of RADIODJ on 1 server? Marius is missing out on some revenue  :hihi:

RDJ might continue to operate with this error message, but it might only be a few error from a  crash, so I would focus on trying to find it and fix it.

DJ Garybaldy

Thats one of THE PLUS SIDES of RadioDJ the fact you can run multiple copies of the software. I'm impressed hes got 4 copies running.

Other paid for software is stuffy and outdated by the software companies EULA only allowing one copy per computer 🖥

(I wouldn't let other radio software near my computer)
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I believe it it happened the first 2 nights of using this "new" server when the playlist loaded each day, which is just before Midnight Central Time... and I don't usually stay up to watch that happen.    :D

It didn't happen in the last 24 hours like it did each of the first two days, and nothing has changed on our end as far as what I am doing.

We use a 3rd party music scheduling software that feeds an .m3u playlist that contains all the music, imaging, and traffic.

And I did not need to dig for the message.
The message popped up in all 4 Radio DJ playout system instances.

Yes, I am happy that we can run all four of our radio stations in the same server.  We have been doing that since the launch of our 4th radio station in 2018.


And no, a bunch of these vignettes are not on the new server yet.  That was at the bottom of the totem pole of our priorities and we are going to update those with new tracks, anyway, instead of re-uploading the same tired tracks.

If we are using a 3rd party scheduler, should that kind of message still come up?

Anybody else have this type of message come up, and if so, did it hinder your use of Radio DJ?


do your m3u playlist contain references to those missing vigs?

are you using other events to do stuff, since you are not using rotations?
especially around the time of midnight when the playlist loads, ie is an event being used to load the playlist? if yes, then that event is probably triggering the error.

yes if this error continues it will degrade the performance on RadioDJ.


Steve, yes the .m3u playlist refers to those missing vignettes.  We are using the Load .m3u Playlist by Date Mask function and it worked for 3 of the 4 stations today...three stations' playlists loaded, but one station's did not, and that error message came up one time, saying:  "Index was out of range.  Must be non-negative, and less than the size of the collection.  Parameter name: index."


Maybe Marius can explain exactly what causes that error msg when using a playlist.

My understanding of a playlist is that it simply points to a file to be played. RadioDJ must also look in its database to see if that file exists so it can increment its play count and other statistics. Maybe if that file is not found in the database, then it has that error.

I am interested to know why are you using RadioDJ if you use some other software to generate your playlist? RadioDJ has that ability to generate the playlist too.



We use a professional music scheduler that does infinitely more than the rudimentary playlist generator of Radio DJ. 


what is the name of that product?

and if it does all the work for you, then why not just use a music player to play that m3u playlist (i.e. LiquidSoap, VLC) and feed the audio output directly to your stream encoder, thereby saving lots of computer processing power?


Um...duh?  Because Radio DJ JUST WORKS.  I have used several other pricy automation systems at AM/FM stations, and one here, at our first internet station, and Radio DJ outshines them on many issues.   Besides, the price is right.

Processing power?  Pphhh.  Not an issue.