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Can tracks be "linked" so that they always play as a pair?

Started by JackRabbit, April 25, 2024, 09:53:21 PM


I apologize if the subject of this message doesn't make sense. I couldn't think of a way to clearly describe my need in one sentence.

Anyhow. On my RadioDJ station, the commercial breaks are sandwiched by bumper tracks.
IE: "We'll be right back after this.", play some random commercials, "Welcome back to the show."

I have a variety of the bumpers that are randomly chosen during the event. What I want to do is pair them up somehow, so that if, for ex., Bart Simpsons voice says "We'll be back", the matching file with Bart Simpson saying "welcome back" will always be chosen for after the commercials.

I already have a good idea of how I can do this by using variable length track database entries, and some scripting in ThinBasic. I just wondered if there was already a method available to save me some coding time.


you could do that using an event,

Load Track Rotation to top of Queuelist

then make a track rotation with 1 row

using SQL query in that row

select the 2 associated bumpers so they have the same artist "i.e. Bart Simpson"

set a column value to be the order ie opening bumper = 1, closing bumper = 3

then select your commercial(s) order = 2

then sort query based on order ascending.


sql query, to pick a random closing bumper, where the artist was the same as the opening bumper.


Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, writing SQL queries is something that I will probably never get the hang of. Anyhow, I took the time to do what I talked about, and it ALMOST works perfectly.

I imported a couple of tracks to the RadioDJ database "Bumper_OUT" & "Bumper_IN", both set as "Variable Duration File". Here's where the problem presents itself...

My event for a break goes like this...
1. My script overwrites the two files with the new bumper files.
2. The "Folder Sync" plugin is ran to update those two files. (Not sure if needed, doesn't seem to hurt or help)
3. Bumper_OUT, commercials, Bumper_IN  tracks are played.

About 50% of the time, a bumper is cut short, starts in the middle, or just does not play. The VDF files are overwritten BEFORE the event adds them to the queue. This is maddening, as I've spent hours trying to figure out what the issue is.

I've re-encoded the MP3 files to 192k CBR format, tried them as WAV format, disabled antivirus, basically everything I could think of.

The ONLY possibility I can think of is that RadioDJ might have a bug determining the length of SMALL audio files, as all of the bumper tracks are less than 22 seconds in length (Most are 3 to 8 seconds). I've been using the VDF track type for weather reports for over a year, and it has always worked perfectly, but the weather file is always longer than 30 seconds.

If anyone has any ideas of suggestions, I certainly welcome them. I just can't figure out what the issue is.


you're wasting time trying to do unnecessary stuff, when you could be using that time to learn the SQL approach.

export your database song table to backup, and attach it to a private message to me.


I appreciate the offer, but I figured out what was going on. It was just a simple timing issue.

RadioDJ events do not pause or wait for a return when performing a task. That fact just went over my head until today. So when I called my script to copy the files into place, the event doesn't wait for the new files to get copied & it uses the details from the previous bumper files.

A separate event to run the script 1 minute before the break was all that was needed.

I don't consider any task where I learn something as a waste of time.