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DB conversion... help needed

Started by DFM, May 04, 2024, 01:00:32 PM



We want to upgrade from v2.0.1.5 beta to v2.0.4.5 (I know we should have done this way earlier, but the beta is running still fine). Unfortunately, we're running into problems with importing/converting our old database. The new system doesn't come alive, and it seems impossible to get things working with the latest version. Probably because of DB changes over time... does anyone know what would be the right approach to get this to work? At least we would like to be able to export/import our music database, the rest is lesser important.

Any help would be appreciated.


nothing is impossible  :'(

after installing v2045
after restoring the database from the backup
open database setup utility, and tab "Database Utils", Database Update, select update files in order of versions, oldest to newest.

if you get stuck, something breaks or still doesn't work.
contact me and  I can remote into you computer and help