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Lost Information when computer crashed

Started by Chip Douglas Mosley, May 08, 2024, 03:39:33 PM

Chip Douglas Mosley

HI! I need help!

My computer crashed and I fortunately had a backup, sorta. I reloaded the Radio DJ program v2.0.4.5 from scratch, which I had been using since it was released. I tried to reinstall all of the music, liners, etc., and the backup I made yesterday won't load. I have managed to reload all of the music using the track manager, but the songs don't have intro times, record label info, album titles, images of album covers, etc. Somewhere I read that this information is stored in certain files inside the Radio DJ program, and I can't remember which files they are.

I have a complete backup of the RDJ program on another drive that was made Monday afternoon, but I can't get it to run if I move it to the c: drive.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to find seven years of data that has been stored in the RDJ program and I'd love to figure out how to recover it all.

Chip Douglas Mosley
Jukebox 92.7 WEPQ
Radio DJ user since 2016, Live365 since 2019
Upgraded to v2.0.4.5 on January 25, 2024


Sorry to hear about the computer crash.

"I tried to reinstall all of the music..." Did you do this through the "Restore Database" procedure in the Database Setup utilities?

As for settings, there are setting files (xml) in the root directory of RadioDJ but I don't think these include song information. Also, you can copy Plugin files from the Plugin folder

Have you tried "Verify Tracks"; "Relocate Tracks"; "Verify Tack Images"? (This may help if you move the RDJ program from another drive)

Not sure if any of this will assist you, but maybe others will have some thoughts.

Hope you are back up and running very soon.