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Automatic News-Downloader Tool for Free

Started by AceLine, April 16, 2012, 06:23:49 PM


Hi Forumianers and RadioDJs!

Some time ago I was in need of a News-Downloader... Because: I´m getting news from a news agency several times a day fresh from a FTP-server. I didn´t want to download 5 to 6 times a day manualy so I codet a small tool in C# to do that job for me. Than I created an event in RDJ to run the application every hour, 10 minutes to top of the hour. Works fine, wana share it with those who´re also in need of a tool like this...

How to use it:

1.) download the tool from this thread
2.) save it somewhere you remember - best in near of RDJ
3.) in RDJ create a new event to run an application (Misc) every hour and put the following in the "Arguments"-Textbox:

"" "Username" "Password" "news.mp3" "C:\news.mp3"

where: = IP or hostname of the FTP-Server containing your news file
Username = the username you got from your news provider
Password = the password you got from your news provider
news.mp3 = the source file on the FTP-server to download
C:\news.mp3 = target path and filename to save the downloaded file to (filename arbitrary!)

Important are the double quotes around every argument!!!

4.) save the event, done...

Now you´re able to add the news.mp3 file with variable length option to the top of the hour...

Please: Before you ask me your question try to read carefully the 4 points and other howtos or threads - specially what to do after point 4.

If you have any problems with the tool ask me here. IMPORTANT: I don´t take any responsibility for anything caused by my tool. You are free to use it at your own risk!

Best Regards,



Download at: http://www.666kw.com/NewsDownloader.zip


Anyone know where provides news services though? I have had a look round the internet but most of the websites dont work


there is also software (in dutch) what you want.



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Quote from: bogointeractive on August 28, 2012, 12:44:50 AM
No one provides news anymore. I know there is one for trade but it is US only.

Hmmmm seems I will have to wait til my station takes off then get signed up to IRN and take Sky News lol


we use fsnews £10 a month and comes in 30 seconds for news flashes 3 minutes for short news or 10 minutes for full version and its worldwide news. you get it from a ftp server. but where is the link to download the tool
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Hi all,

don´t know, why the admin deleted the file... Here is the download link:


Best regards,


PS: Pls give me a LIKE on www.666kw.com if you like my little program. Thnx.


From time to time, old attachments get deleted automatically, so it's it may be better to host files elsewhere and to post a link.

Please don't PM me for support requests. Use the forums instead.


Hi Aceline,

Just a quick question to you or anybody else who may have the answer...

Can I use this tool to download an MP3 from a URL, or does it have to be an FTP connection?

Or if not, can you recommend a tool that will do that for me (preferably not in Dutch :-D )



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Quote from: AceLine on April 16, 2012, 06:23:49 PM
Hi Forumianers and RadioDJs!

Some time ago I was in need of a News-Downloader...

Download at: http://www.666kw.com/NewsDownloader.zip

Would have been just what I wanted but it will not work.  Cannot enter ANYTHING either manually nor via radiodj, it just closes down.  :'(