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Quick Start Guide - How to run RadioDJ?

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Quick Start Guide - How to run RadioDJ?
« on: November 09, 2009, 09:39:26 PM »
    * Make sure that you have installed Microsoft .NET Framework (Vista and Windows 7 has it by default)
    * Download and install MySQL server
    * After installing and configuring MySQL Server, you can run the RadioDJ install wizard wich will guide you to the installation process.

Quick Start Guide

   1. After starting RadioDJ, go to Settings > Categories Manager and make sure that the existing categories fit to your needs. The first 10 main categories are the default ones, and it can't be deleted, however you can add as many as you want.
   2. Next step is to import audio files to RadioDJ, to do this go to Songs Database > Directory Import. (Or you can choose Import Audio File, if you wish to import tracks, file by file.) Select the Category, Subcategory and the Genre Category for the files, and hit Import Directory button.
   3. After importing audio files into categories, go to Settings > Song Rotations, and set up a rotation by selecting Categories/Subcategories/Genre's from which RadioDJ to take music and jingles in Auto DJ Mode.
   4. RadioDJ will prepare songs in exactly that order from the Song Rotation you make, so here is the place to decide how the radio will sound. If you add 2 songs, a song with a sweeper and a jingle RadioDJ will keep playing in that order in Auto DJ Mode, over and over.
   5. Each entry from Song Rotations list has a Sweeper checkbox. When you select it, over that song it will be played a sweeper right before intro point.
   6. After building and saving the Song Rotation, you can close the Rotations window and put the RadioDJ in AutoDJ Mode and if the Rotation is correctly builded, the player should select songs and populate the playlist.
   7. RadioDJ loads in playlist only one rotation, so if you want to have more files in playlist, build a longer Song Rotation.
   8. If you double-click any track from the playlist, it will appear Track Editor wich will let you to edit that track. For playing sweepers over intro, it's necessary that the track to have the intro point saved.
   9. In main window (upper right corner) you can select anytime the active sweeper category. You can also set up an event for changing the category. This can be usefull if you run an automated station and you have a set of sweepers for the day, and another for the night.
  10. On computers with two soundcards it's possible to listen in monitors (headphones or monitor speakers) the tracks from the search window, or the track opened in the Track Editor. For this, go to Settings > Options > Sound Settings and select your cards. It is necessary to restart RadioDJ after modifying this setting!

I have started some basic tutorials about installing and using RadioDJ.

1. Installing MySQL
2. Adding A Top Hour Jingle Event
3. Track Types In RadioDJ
4. Assign Sweepers to tracks
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