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SHOUTcast DNAS 2.2 (Build 107) Released

Started by DJ Garybaldy, October 30, 2013, 03:43:17 PM

DJ Garybaldy

This build is SHOUTcasts (much delayed) update and introduces new features as listed in the "Changes" section on SHOUTcasts website, as well as addresses bugs reported in the previous build. It is recommended where possible to update to this build over any previous v2.0 builds due to the stability and other compatibility improvements it provides.

This release is now available for the following platforms:

    Windows 32-bit (Windows 2000 and up)
    Windows 64-bit (Windows XP64 and up)
    Linux 64-bit
    Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)

This release is NOT available for the following platforms as of yet:

    Mac OS X (Intel) Not provided with this update (depends on demand if later provided)
    BSD 8.x Not provided with this update (depends on demand if later provided)

For downloads please visit the shoutcast website http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=373139
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