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m3u for Commercials...

Started by westhemess, March 05, 2014, 02:00:36 PM



We have bought the Natural Log billing system for the very reason of trying to make some money to keep a radio station operational.  The reason we chose for this particular station radiodj was that the talent are a little not computer savvy and were using windows media player as their play-out system and we manually putting the spots in.  I wanted to make the station not sound bush league so I was trying to go to something that would sound a lot better and easy for anyone even someone who isn't computer savvy to use.


I might have a solution for this... Would there be a command that I could insert into the m3u log file in Natural Log to tell RadioDJ to load a rotator? If so, I could program natural log to tell RadioDJ to load a music rotator at the end of each commercial break??? I could also have Natural Log control liners and jingles so I could run just one m3u file all day long.. Does this sound right at all??? I've been reading over these threads for 3 days trying to figure this out.. I don't have the money to buy a "commercial" automation system but I need to be able to import a log from Natural Log so I can track billing... Any help will REALLY help me!!!