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How to make a translation?

Started by Marius, June 02, 2010, 04:54:49 PM


To translate RadioDJ in your language, open "RadioDJ Translator.exe" from RadioDJ directory.
1. File - Open and choose from the "English" directory the file you want to translate.
2. In the right corner up, you have a selector, which by default detects your computer's language. If the default one is not correct, please choose the appropriate one.
3. In the "Translation" column, you can enter your translations for every message string from the original one, located by your left.
4. After you finished the translation, go to File and choose Save As. A directory for your language will be created automatically and the filename will be completed as well. Click save button and you're done.

Notice: Sometimes the last line it doesn't get saved because the program is in the edit mode, you can exit this mode by hitting enter when you're done typing.

The culture must be entered in correct format, or it can cause some errors. If you are unsure about your culture format, please consult this table and get from there the culture name.

For version 1.6.1 is better to use a simple text editor like notepad or even better NotePad++

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