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Handling Online Requests
« on: May 22, 2014, 11:09:43 AM »
I'm intrigued to know how most of you deal with the way you handle online requests.

1) Do you leave them in the list?
2) Do you Manually add them to the queue via rotation/event?
3) Do you just let them load automatically?
4) Where do you load them to top or bottom of the queue?

I'm asking this because I know most stations should adhere to the DMCA protocol of delaying a request for 60 minutes.

If your station needs to adhere to those rules I have a tip for you.

In order to delay a request for a certain amount of time make sure your rotations are at least 12/13 entries long in some cases on AutoDJ 12/13 tracks is enough to fill an hour. Stick a "Track from request" or 2 on the end of it and let the rotation deal with the requests.

Example :

That way a request is almost certainly guaranteed to not be played for around 60 minutes.

Of course this is just merely advice  :bash: It's just the way I've been testing things out and It's sometimes well over an hour before I hear a track I requested.

Hope someone finds this Info useful  :cool:
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