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Playlist maker
« on: June 05, 2014, 06:38:13 PM »
I just want to give some support to create a playlist from more m3u files at one time.

There are several topics on creating a playlist.
 I was thinking maybe I can apply to get you even more confused  :D

Radio DJ can also, but only from a rotation, according to a preset time duration in order to play.

I got this from an old topic.

I repacked the application with a new installer.
Not fully tested, but approved by Tobasco.

Thanks shorty.xs
I have tested and works well in 1657.

You just need to import the playlist created with Amazing Clock Wheel in RDJ.

the only thing is that the songs have to stand  in the database for the cue points.


Yet just as information.
The bata RC4 can not handle the playlist.
In RDJ 1657 the play list is being loaded and played the songs.
If the songs are not in the database, they are put in there but inactive (you can see it in the track maneger).
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