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Problem with
« on: July 02, 2014, 03:36:19 PM »
Hi Marius,

I just found a bug. :(

Windows 7
List mode

I have a rotation for when we are receiving a Shoutcast stream four nights a week from midnight til 6am.

Highway 15 RX rotation;
Receive stream
Play Track
Receive stream
Play Track
Receive stream
Play Track
Receive Stream
Play track


If the server isn't there or it falls off - it is to play a track and then try to reconnect.
If it cannot reconnect, it is to play another track and then retry again. etc

However, at 10 second before the track ends 'Preload' locks up when it is to preload the stream that isn't up. RadioDJ freezes with (eventually) a message at the top saying "(Not Responding)" until it unfreezes and continues. It freezes with the track count-down at 10 seconds.
The delay is odd too. Sometimes it can be 10 seconds of dead air and other times it can be over 4 minutes (according to the logs).

Testing it here at home, I found the same. I did it four times with delays of 60, 20, 23 and 108 seconds on the four times I let it try.
When it freezes, there is 'dead air'. Silence :(

This is a problem only when the Shoutcast server is not 'up'. It is fine otherwise.

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