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Trouble With Importing certain files

Started by CC Bethany, August 14, 2014, 03:51:46 PM

CC Bethany

We are currently running v1.7.2 on win7/64 using Mariadb.
On our old machine v1.6 win XP we never encountered this problem.
We have a 26 min show that we get via ftp. The files are named by the date that they are to be aired. (no other names, tags, etc. , nothing)
for example today's file would be 20140814.mp3. When importing a weeks worth of files via the import folder option, the
progress bar says that they have imported all files, but when I search for them in Radiodj they are nowhere to be found.
When I re-import them there is a message that they already exist. I'm sure that I'm missing something simple.
Looking to switch to the new computer soon. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We really Dig Radiodj ! Thanks !   :)


Please do a search in tracks manager. Maybe for some reason the file is imported, but disabled. Or worse, it is imported in a subcategory that doesn't exists anymore.

Please don't PM me for support requests. Use the forums instead.

CC Bethany

Search in track manager comes up with nothing. The files were imported into a subcategory that I created, but are not visible.
Only solution that I came up with is to change all the file names.
I added some letters in front of the file numbers and it imported fine. Shows up in search.
But wondering why wont it import when the file name is just a number?
This is a new install and hoping to not have to rename all the files every time they are downloaded.
Thanks for all your help. So far 1.7.2 is amazing aside from this small issue.