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New User, Migration from Dinesat, etc..
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:53:44 AM »

Just a couple of weeks I found RadioDJ.

I've one now installed in one computer with the media at local disks, but DB at a MySQL away (yes, 20 Kms away...) and it works fine.

I'm a technician working for technical matters in a few radio stations. I discoverd RadioDJ because I've a BIG problem in one station running "Dinesat". I was looking for a software good for the kind of radio programs this station produces.

If you want, I can continue telling you my life ;-) but in the future. Now I've some questions.

In this station, there are two studios. One for "on air" and the other for production. Both must be identical, because is possible  to put on air the prod. studio in a very simple way.

Both computers with Windows (I think one with W-XP and the other with W-7) both 2 Gb RAM and a M-Audio DELTA 44 soundcard.

And I've now not, but I'm going to install a new Linux server for SQL & media storage. MySQL & Samba is OK?

This station, has more or less... 16.000 different items (music, commercials, etc) so I think MySQL is better that MariaDB. Isnt's it?

Which is the biggest DB you know in RadioDJ out there?

And yes, I've a very nice work to migrate from Dinesat (which works with MS SQL) to RadioDJ.

I've been testing different ways to take out the data from MS SQL... and the good one, is first migrate from MS to MySQL creating a DB with the same structure as Dinesat has, and then create a little PHP script to move the data from the intermediate DB to the final RadioDJ DB. I must also rename the path of the MP3 files.

I've time. Not too much (the pacience of the radio guys with Dinesat is each day a little bit smaller :-) ) but I want to do the procedure in a way that if in the future somebody wants to migrate from Dinesat, he could do it a little bit easier...

Of course, the radio guys are convinced by me that after they see all is working fine, they must contibute with a good donation...

Marius many many many thanks for your time, and all the forum watchers for your help to novice users like me  :ok:

Note: for others radio stations, the new feature I like to have is a DTMF detector. (Marius If you need, I can provide you some screenshots to see how "others" do it... which options, etc.)