Author Topic: RadioDJ v1.7.8 Released!  (Read 49810 times)


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Re: RadioDJ v1.7.8 Released!
« Reply #105 on: April 01, 2015, 08:48:44 AM »
local network which mean a local folder map to a drive letter to keep thing consistent especially when it come to add/replace and upgrading storage.

On my main system I when back to 1.7.7 from 1.7.8 because of tracks being disable after some time or after being played.  Not all track just certain ones.
On my main system I have the local folder mapped to a Drive letter.

If it's only certain tracks, are they all the same format as in maybe wma instead of mp3? If so, is there a codec missing from your encoders in 1.7.8 that's there in 1.7.7?