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Syndication Triggers using RadioDj

Started by gocastradio, April 24, 2015, 07:53:25 PM


Can radiodj trigger other syndication using specific tones through a webstream?  Meaning can I insert a 25hz tone in radiodj that you really cant here, and that tone be carried and trigger other radiodj automation just using the webstream (shoutcast)?


Hi and welcome to RadioDJ community.

Trigger tones can be sent using a generated file which then can be played either from carts or aux players. Auxiliary players are easier to automate using events. Tones can be inserted using main playlist but it could lead to gaps in playback. That depends on implementation of the streaming server and what you want to accomplish.


I would welcome that if there is a way to do it so there is zero gaps.


Thank you for the feedback.  I tried using a 25hz file, however it did not fire another automation computer with radiodj on it, and it might be because I have shoutcast streamer on a different computer and it is being fed from an analog board, not quite sure.  I remember back in the day when a 25hz tone would fire off elements in other markets through the stream or satellite feed.  What kind of generated file must it be?  What hz tone should be used (if that works)?  How long should the tone be?


Sorry, I misunderstood your question. After rereading it a bit more carefully, I see what you meant.
Currently there is no way to trigger an action in RadioDJ by a tone in incoming audio stream. It might be possible in sound processing libraries used by RadioDJ, the un4seen Bass.Net.
Googling points to at least two obscure programs for theatres that have tone cue triggers and are using un4seen Bass library. I guess it is possible to implements tone triggers, since the library can do advanced sound processing and frequency detection.
Marius maybe better informed, since he has more experience with it.

Another option would be to use external software to listen for trigger tones and send commands to RadioDJ using REST server plugin. No ideal but may just work. I found one quite old application which can run exe files or batch scripts - ToneDet - Tone Detector. Give it a try and see if it works.


Going to reply on this, not because I can help, but because I'm fumbling with the same issue.
I've got an incoming stream with 25hz cue tone triggers & exact time ad breaks.
It would be magical if RadioDJ would detect these tones, duck the stream, play a track or 3, and then bring the stream back up.

I'm currently attempting this with ToneDet running a batch file, which sends a command to vlc to play the next song in a playlist, once that plays, separate software ducks the stream under the ad audio then brings the stream back up.
Getting VLC to do this cartwheel ain't easy.

If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated.
Additionally a feature like this would make integration of syndicated(non-specifically timed) programming much easier in RadioDJ.

Big Thanks!


Personally i would not do this. You could false trigger a break or not trigger at all because there is a glitch in the stream coming in. Put the commercialbreaks at fixed times through the events or whatever is possible ( still figuring this part out ) and be sure the break plays. It is your money getting in and most companies like to know when the commercial is being played. A fixed time they allways know when the commercial is coming and playing.
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