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Hey guys. I'm working on a platform for radio, called Creek. It's like WordPress for radio, and so far used by 16 community and college radio stations, like

When stations ask me what to use for automation, I show them RadioDJ. Your program fills in all the gaps that need to happen on the client PC: streaming, audio inputs, automation, and organizing an audio library. RadioDJ plus Creek equals a complete radio station.

So here's the problem. I need to sync up RadioDJ with the Creek schedule, so that RadioDJ plays the correct show on time. Some DJs/hosts do their show live, but others have prerecorded shows that need to be automated. The schedule is based on a full week of shows (Monday - Sunday).

Without some kind of plugin or syncing utility, all of the stations need to enter each show by hand, and this is a really long process.

It seems like each show needs two things:

- Track: a "podcast" track representing the show, that plays the latest audio file (example:
- Event: an event that plays this track during the time scheduled in Creek (example: Monday at 8PM)

Here's an example of Creek's schedule API:

Would someone like to collaborate with me to build a plugin that creates this stuff automatically?  :) 

I don't have any .NET or desktop programming experience (just PHP and Node). But I can provide the stations, resources, guidance, and possibly even a bit of money if that helps. It doesn't really seem crazy difficult to do, though. And this will make a LOT of small, new FM stations very happy.

It seems like the plugin just needs to ask the Creek API for the schedule of shows, and then create a track + event for each show. It also needs to be able to automatically delete and re-create things in case the schedule changes.
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