Author Topic: How to play a sweeper like a voice-over but...  (Read 570 times)


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How to play a sweeper like a voice-over but...
« on: May 24, 2015, 06:32:03 AM »
I've tried several different ways to get what I want, but can't.  Maybe someone can help, who has figured out how.

I want to play a sweeper over top of the intro of the next song.  When I start the next song, the sweeper fades out.  I want to stop it from fading out and play the entire sweeper.  When I try adding it to the playlist, the file wants to become part of the song, in the form of a Sweeper or Voiceover.  I want to keep it separate as if I were adding another song or a jingle.  I've tried changing the Type, but the sweeper still fades out early.  Is there anyway to modify this?

I know I could add the sweeper to the Instant Players or the Auxiliary Players, but I'd rather skip that if possible and just add the file to the playlist - again, without it attaching itself directly to the song.