Author Topic: Testing RadioDJ and Tune In A.P.I.  (Read 12839 times)


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Re: Testing RadioDJ and Tune In A.P.I.
« Reply #30 on: March 22, 2016, 09:50:24 AM »
So charmingnathan, if I understand you right at the end of the thread; you are using Icecast instead of shoutcast and that semas to solve the now playing info on TuneIn? I ask because I had mine working and it has stopped for a time now but I would really like to have it going again...

I have also noticed that when I simulate and send the information in the URL address field I get 200 = ok and the simulated song appears in TuneIn but it still doesn't work in the web export settings...

When I had it to work, it also shows the teasers names and after that it stops for a while. In the TuneIn API information it say that the information should not be updated very frequently or my account could be locked. Could this be a problem that the account could be locked out for a while because it get information about my teaser too often?