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moving my RadioDJ and MYSQL to a new computer (database intact, hopefully)

Started by Virginia Blakelock, October 26, 2015, 11:15:30 PM

Virginia Blakelock

 :) Hi guys
We have been running RadioDJ successfully for a year now.  HOWEVER, and this is embarassing, we have not backed anything up.  Pretty lame, huh?  So, here's the deal: most of our music is on a portable hard drive, some is on the computer hard drive, where RadioDJ and MySql are installed.  We want to put RadioDJ and its current data base on a new (better computer) and I don't know where to begin!  Sorry to be so lame, if there is already a good discussion of this, just point me to it!
Thanks so much!
VB in Oregon, USA


I installed .NET Framework and MySQL on two additional machines. I then copied the entire Radiodj folder to both and used the setup utility to install the database. I have a clean database backup I save on my network drive which I used to restore the database. If you name your traveldrive the same on all machines so the path is the same it becomes plug and play. I have 2 travel drives and either works with any machine. Make sure the database and root password are set the same.

The biggest hassle I have is maintaining three different places I store my music and one clean copy of Radiodj with all deletions and additions of songs.

Virginia Blakelock

Hi! Thanks so much.

1) It looks like the first key to success is copying the entire RadioDJ folder to my new machine, after I have installed MySQL and .NET framework.  I have downloaded and installed all three on new machines before, but never tried to get my current copy of RadioDJ and database onto a different machine.

2) I don't know how to backup the database.  I hear people talk about Heidi SQL.  Do I need this to backup my database?  I have experience with Access, and know how to back up my database with it, but I don't even know where the RadioDJ database lives, what it is called, etc.

3) Is it possible to copy the RadioDJ folder when it is playing stuff on the air????  Or do I need to wait until we're off air?  We're a small community radio station powered by wind and solar and so right now we are only on-air between 9AM & 9PM, so there is ample time at night for such shenanigans.

Thank you for holding my hand!



There are a number of ways to accomplish this.  Choosing the one that seems the best for YOU isn't always easy.

On the simple side, it may be best to just use RadioDJ's built-in Database Utility which is found in the Setup folder and is called "Database Setup.exe".  This utility has a backup and a restore option.  I've never used it, but I suspect it's probably the easiest and most RadioDJ-aware utility.

Other options include:

MySQL Database Administrator
My favorite, but this is now a "legacy" utility.  Has a companion MySQL Query Browser that I love to use for general SQL work.  They are hard to find, but still out there and work with the latest MySQL versions.

MySQL Workbench
Last I looked at this, it was lacking in some areas as it was quite new.  It's got a few more versions under its belt now, so it's probably patched all the holes.  Nevertheless, it comes off as the Swiss Army Knife of MySQL utilities, so the learning curve may be a little intense.

Cool little utility.  I had not heard of it till I started messing around with RadioDJ.  It's backup facility doesn't set you up for success with the defaults.  You'll  need to know what to tell it to back up or you could easily get structure (tables and such) but no data if you're not careful.

If you have MySQL installed in a complete web services packages (like WAMP or XAMPP) then you automatically have PHPMyAdmin, too.  It has backup utilities, too, or rather "export" functions that are essentially backup as much as any other utility's backup functions.  But again, you'll need to know exactly what to tell it to export to make sure you get everything.

BE SURE to wait till you are well under way with your station and have verified EVERYTHING on the new machine before wiping out anything from the old machine.

If you are really worried about the operation, it may help to have someone TeamView you to help you through.  I could do that if you like.  Up to you.  I developed one of my stations (well, both actually) on one computer then moved it to a production machine, so I have good knowledge of the process.  And yes, first step is to replicate the RadioDJ folder over on the new machine, but also to verify all options and setting.  Especially sound card information since the new machine will likely have different sound hardware than the old one.
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Greetings everyone,

i would appreciate it if anyone could help.  My problem is that I did not backup anything and now my computer has cashed.  Can I get my old setting from MySQL?  if yes, how can I get it done?  Thank you in advance.


Hey RB, it depend how serious the database is corrupted. If your MySQL server is up and running again, you can find a way to repair the database using HeidiSQL in my signature.

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