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Started by wtmuradio, October 09, 2016, 04:46:35 PM


A buddy of mine is having issues scheduling in the events ...What is happening is when the events fires off they are set the right way in the schedule but he wants them to fire and wants the music to stop and play the station id etc but it seems that the events scheduler is not over riding that playlist .....Is there something he is not doing ?
Darrin K


There should be a red square next to the "event window". If that one is orange it will never fire even though it counts down to it. That is the "hold event" button. The other thing could be that you don't clear the playlist. In that case the previous event will be put at the bottom of the playlist but because the rotation ( top right, underneath the "sweepers" section ) is selected, it will keep filling up the playlist according to that rotation.

What you should do is building an event something like this:

Clear Playlist
Load ( Top of the hour track from database )
Load rotation ( and select the one you want to fire )
Set sweeper Category ( if you have them and want to select them )

This way it will clear the running playlost and load whatever you have selected and load up the rotation you want. This way the music will fade out and the TOTH jingle will play. If you want to set it manually you can select that in the event. You could also stop the player playing with the stop command. If you set it a the right time than everything will go. If you have 2 events scheduled at the same time, it will fire them both but only one keeps playing. So you need to select the hours for Event 1 en Event 2. Make sure that all the hours are filled. Leaving hours blank will result in the last selected rotaion playing.

I hope this helps a little.
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